Dust Devils & Slowing Down Enough to Notice our Own Healing

Posted to my Facebook today:

It was such a beautiful eighty-five degree, sunny day today!

We saw three dust devils today — super cool! It’s a tiny tornado of dirt and debris out in a cow pasture or corn field. And we saw three of them all within a few miles of one another. When I googled ‘dust devil in nature’ I found this: also called sand devil, small, brief whirlwind occurring most frequently in the early afternoon when a land surface is heating rapidly. Dust devils are occasionally made visible by the lofting of dust, leaves, or other loose matter from the surface. See also “whirlwind.” Funny thing? This is a working title for my second memoir.

I also read they can reach up to 300 feet wide and 1,000 feet tall with measured speeds of more than 60 miles per hour in some dust devils. Mostly ephemeral in nature, some of the larger whirlwinds have been known to spin across the landscape for 10 to 20 minutes. The spinning air column and surface friction produce forward momentum. 🌪

I also wondered what the lore was behind seeing one (or in our case, three) and found this: In African fokelore they are a shape-shifting demon or sorcerer occupying the body of a human host and are drawn to suffering and self-destructive souls unconsciously seeking release from the pain of their lives. 😱 — Although I wasn’t self-destructive, a demon, or sorcerer, 😂😇 (at least not all the time) ironically enough my memoir is full of working to alleviate my suffering and continuously moving forward.

It was also thrift store shopping day and at each store it was as if the Thrift store Gods opened up the heavens for me and I cleaned house! Lots of art and sewing/embroidery supplies, junk jewelry for crafting, items to refurbish, books, jewelry, dresses, purses and bags, shoes, household items, decor, art room storage, oh my! Everything fit perfectly, or was in perfect condition. Everybody I talked to seemed so happy, friendly and helpful; as well as extra smiley. It all made me so glad to go out. 😄

At one store a little old lady with her long white hair piled high in a bun and who wore a fun colorful skirt and sweater set, stopped to compliment me on how pretty I looked and to ask if I bought the purse I was carrying specifically to match the dress I had on. 👵🏼 I wish you could have seen her! She was so cute I wanted to hug her and bring her home with me!

At the next store, everyone was so nice and kind I seriously wanted to ask for an application for employment and a cup of whatever they were drinking. 😛

At the last store the cashier thought that one of the items I was buying was priced too high and gave it to me for .99! 🤯

Later at Chipotle, I stopped to tell a young lady how stunning her butterfly dress was against her gorgeous dark skin. She was so appreciative and happy you would have thought I gave her a million dollars. (I had already forgotten about the comment the old lady had made hours earlier.) She told me where she got the dress and told me what great deals they had and told me I just HAD to check them out. She even invited me to look down the back of her dress to see the tag size. 😂

At the jewelry store the young girl working helped me with my watch; reading the small size printed on the back, removing and attaching a new watch band and allowing me to try it on, then reattaching my old one. When they didn’t have the cover I wanted she offered to take my name and number to call me when they get more. — Sure, it was her job, but I sensed she was so genuine and happy to help me.

I’m not sure my purpose of writing this here other than to be able to savor it again in my ‘on this day’ memories, but I was thinking about how many things happen so fast in our lives that we just never see them; much like the dust devil.

It also made me think about how we get what we are looking for: the warmth in the sunshine, a deal, a mom/grandma in the art section of the thrift store, a compliment, butterflies… and how one interaction can set the tone for the whole day.

When confronted with seeing something new I’m finding that I’m excited again and want to follow my curiosity. I look it up and learn to see what it has to do with my life. It may have nothing to do with anything. But, today I believe seeing three dirt devils in a row is the Universe acknowledging my healing and life-long attempts at releasing my pain by finding beauty in the now. That that’s the answer. It’s always been the way back to health for me.

I smiled a lot today. I wore a dress that twirled when I spun around and I did feel beautiful. I felt healthier and happier than I have in a very long time.

Hope your day was great too! 🌴😃

P.S. – this is not my photo, but I wanted you to see what we did. They are super fast and when you’re not ready with a camera in hand, plus are driving past in a car, you can’t catch them!

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