Balancing Act: Healing a Lifetime of Abuse While Still Living Life

Somedays we need to tell our burdens to “GO FLY A KITE!”

We can feel as if we’ve been walking a tightrope in life when trying to heal from a lifetime of narcissistic abuse all while living our lives…

One book, course, or therapist will tell you to:
Feel It To Heal it, that’s the only way through.

Another book, course, or therapist will tell you to:
Let it go, Rise Above, and Transcend.

The REAL truth about healing from ANY of this is:
We have to do BOTH at the same time.
(The Key to this is: While listening to your body to guide you.)

This is how I’ve done this death-defying, tightrope walk my whole life:

Keep Moving. >>> Feel it to Heal It = Go in deep, Feel it all — No matter how messy. (For my strong days when excavating is easier.)

Be Still. >>> Transcend Above It = Stay Present in the Moment, Self-Care, and just do today. (For my not so strong days, when digging is too tiring. *Just holding the balancing pole is enough weight to carry today.)

Feel it to Heal it
Rise Above…

Keep Doing That.

On days you look like you’re floating around doing nothing… YOU’RE NOT DOING NOTHING!

You’re integrating and soaring to NEW HEIGHTS! 

P.S. — *Don’t forget to give yourself credit for the weight of the balancing pole! 🙂

#dontlookdown #balanceiskey

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