Steel Town Girl Book Cover and New Desk and Chair

So, whatya think? Would this cover catch your attention in a bookstore or Kindle?

I love it! I think my book designer really “got me” when I gave a basic description of what I envisioned considering the content of the book and the area I grew up in. 

My book designers name is Carl and he does gorgeous work. You can find him at Extended Imagery dot com.

My editor and I are in the process of wrapping things up and then I’ll be working with another gal for inside formatting, spine, and back of book design. It will be another few months and then I’ll self publish.

Stay tuned! Busy! Busy!

Also, I finally got an actual desk and a nice comfy chair! I was writing on a glass table from IKEA that hurt my elbows as I wrote and because it was too low, and my chair too flimsy, my back hurt like crazy after a full days work. This set up is perfectly pretty and perfectly comfortable! I can’t stop admiring it! It’s the Campaign desk from World Market dot com and they had the chair too, on sale for $63! Woot!

Hashtag I’m official! 😝Well, almost… 😉

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